Banning Guns in San Francisco...

First the good news...
ONCE AGAIN, the venerated CONTENDER single shot pistol is Kalifornia legal. thank you to our lovable but ever flip flopping Governor, Arnold.

Arnold signs "safe handguns"...

What is a CONTENDER you may ask?
(first a pic to those with short attention span theatre syndrome like myself...)

Here is the webpage of THOMPSON CENTER - Contender:

It is basically a SINGLE SHOT pistol capable of shooting rifle bullets. (I will ofcourse get one with .308)
A very sophisticated, powerful and gentlemanly gun. Is it practical + Tactical? Probably not. But I still think I want one : )


THEN the fucked up news...
On NOV 9 San Francisco will vote on Proposition H. This will totally ban the ownership and sale of all fireamrs within the city of San Francisco. While I'd sometimes want to feed that city to the sharks, I have to take a stand - and fear that what attrocity that heaven forbid, might pass might spread to the free states... unfortunately I cannot vote (and luckily I moved outside of San Fran 3 years ago) Guess where the crooks will all go? From Oakland to San Fran.

The foggy city, great Asian food and wonderful weather might add HIGH CRIME RATE to its resume along with Washington DC if this UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill passes.


If you know anyone (esp who can vote in San Francisco) who has an ACTIVE mind,
(Active Mind = While tempered by a NARROW MIND, is also welcome to change thru reasonable balance by logic and emotion by an OPEN MIND. - T.Kloss)
please spread the word to vote NO on Prop H

that is all.. we now return you to the Snipey happy happy funtime show!! Lalala! : D


Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

"Guess where the crooks will all go? From Oakland to San Fran."

and this is the number one reason for them not to vote for this law. damn, are these people morons? damn, I wish arnold wasn't an idiot. these types of laws do nothing, and I can totally see SF going to hell as a result.

on another note, that's a hell of a sweet gun XD

11:42 AM  

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