Space Space Gun!

I forgot to post this pic before : )

This is (or should I say WAS) my Para Ordnance double stack 1911 race gun (Stainless limited chambered in.. ofcourse, .45 ACP). The proverbial "Rice Rocket" of the gun world. While obnoxious and quite flashy - unlike its namesake's automobile counterpart - it DID serve a functional purpose.. and this purpose it served ever so well. I took it to 'steel shoot', and man did it race. It was quite a weapon.. actually it was more of a vehicle than a weapon.

With little practice it increased my reaction and speed quite a bit, just because of that little red dot and smooth action...

Alas, it's power was far too great tho and began to seduce and corrupt my impressionable mind with its grand promises of world domination - so now I passed it on to a friend who had to have it : ).

When I grow older and my eyesight fails me I will buy another one. : )
Right now I am looking at getting a .223 carbine (Keltec SU-16CA) or a nice cowboy gun in .44 magnum.


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