don't leave me Michael...

...today Michael Jackson died... and suddenly I am 5 years old again.

as a wise man once said... the living are burdened with criticism; but in the end, there is nothing more perfect than a dead man - because they are remembered for all the great things they had accomplished.


Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Well said. The man has a shady past, but they don't call him the effin' KING OF POP for nothing. We played "Thriller" at work today in tribute. I was tempted to do the dance, but I think it would have been lost on today's youngun's. ^^;

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was sad when I heard too. Man, I totally remember when Michael was the absolute definition of coolness... All the kids in my grade school used to sing his songs and try to dance like him. ^^ *sigh*


4:53 PM  

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