even if something is BLACK, I can make it WHITE

I just finished watching the last episoide of Gungrave.

-My God.. I haven't cried this much (as in total bawling, roaring,cover your mouth contortion crying - mental breakdown).. my nerves are still in shivers and it's still cold (and no, my Neo Geo is not making me warm).. My sinuses are totally clear and so are my tear ducts.

-The final scene was left blank.. true to the "fill in the blank" motiv.. things are better left unsaid in a perfect story I guess.... There are only two ways that could have ended really.. 1) Harry and brandon's bodies were gone, except their clothes or guns. 2) Harry and Brandon's bodies are teenagers again and arms across each other (ok maybe that's my Shonen ai side talking ^_^).. plus the BLACK and WHITE speech, the exchange guns shot and the black coat and white duo.. . the director knows a bit of John Woo after all ^_^ (blows nose and wipes eyes).

I think I need to take a walk.. ONE AGAIN I recind my initial statement. Gungrave anime is better than the game, as far as story...

I want to know if the HK DVD cut anything or if the anime really ended at "Okaerinasai" if so. Then it is perfect. PERFECT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the HK ver. does indeed end at "Okaerinasai." ^_^ and I hear you, I love that ending so damn much. I honestly did not know which way the director would go until the very last episode itself, as I was expecting a no-holds-barred action-blast-fest between Brandon and Harry at the end. But NO! It was so much smarter, so much stronger and REAL than that! Nothing is wasted, every character is true to themselves. it was so perfect~ ^_^

how does the anime compare in the end? I imagine it HAD to be different since they're making a vg sequel ;B


10:10 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Gosh man.. you comment on the ending of GG liek you havent seen HK action cinema.. I am glad there are still conneseurs who can apprecaite that and make an anime true to that : )

as far as the game.. well lets just say that the chara development between Harry and Brandon are non existent.. (for sake of not spoiling anything for J)

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, I really haven't seen much HK action stuff ^^; I've seen Hard Boiled... some kung fu flicks, but Meiah likes Korean dramas and her brother likes american movies ^^; I know, I'm deprived ^^;


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