Dance as if the alternative - is death.

After waking up groggy from a beer friday (yeah I tried to quit but I guess I need more time to stop beer drinking : B) what did I do??? I played DDR for nearly 5 hours. Now I feel like Death Death Retribution >_< (I was able to fix Tom-kun's DDR pad he lent me tho.. hooray me! Electrical Engineer extrordinaire. Customer service for anything other than the gun and knife industry just fuckin sucks, they wanted me to pay $100.00 to get it fixed.)

I was pretty surprised how much effort goes into DDR, and I think I can finally understand what T-kun said when he was talking about 'weight shifting' - sounds almost like something from a martial arts manga...' I'd think it would be useful in something like boxing.

After which I went to the range for steel shooting.
What a day. (Dess-schlep...zzzz)


Blogger Sensoo said...

Go Snipey!!! Dance or die!!!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DDR does some really interesting things with the legs-- some of which involve the mentioned weight shifting, lower body/upperbody dissassociation, increase of speed of the lower extremeties... blaance for hte lovely times the pad slides out from under you and you need to keep the song alive... :P

And heya, been awhile.


5:57 PM  

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