Cowboy Action!

"What is your Cowboy Alias?"

I was feeling pretty down yesterday because I could not find SINGLE ACTION (Cowboy) REVOLVERS on the Kalifornia 'safe handgun list' (Kommunist tax that wants to make it harder for guns to get into Kalifornia).

It turns out that these revolvers are actually CURIO : ) which means they are excempt.
"Certain" means as specified in Penal Code by dimensions/characteristics. They don't give a hoot about brand. Basically it has to be at least a 5-shot, have a minimum barrel length (3"), and a minimum overall length (7.5").

Any unmodified Ruger, Freedom Arms, Taurus, Magnum Research, or Colt SA revolver will fill the bill.

A friend invited me to go do some COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING with him sometime, and thus I want to get into the mood. I sold a few guns and knives to come up with the funds and now I need the following:

- a PAIR of single action revovlers (I am thinking stainless with Ivory handles)
- a lever action rifle
- a double barreled shotgun
- lots (and LOTS) of cowboy clothes
- an "alias" (anything more exciting than "Long Dong the Chinaman"? : B)

I talked to my FFL 'dealer' and the guy's apparently been doing this for 14 years! (No surprise since I've seen the guy shoot a revolver (WOW).

So yes.. "Lightning Larry" has asked me what my Cowboy Alias was.. Personally I think this is a big thing, and not to be taken lightly!! While Johnny Holiday seems very appropriate (if not taken already) I think a more 'racial' tag line might be better... or not. : )


Anonymous yuuu~ said...

might I offer up one of my favorate bands, "The Yellow Monkey?" ;B

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Got some good news for you...



3:32 PM  
Blogger Sensoo said...


Alliteration...these will be horribly cheesy.

Singleshot Samurai
Blackstrap Molasses
a royal title: The Duke, Shogun, Marquis...

Yea, mind gone. Sowwie.

This wasn't much help either:

8:31 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Hey Bro!

--as far as aliases.. I think Yellow Monkey would be best btu I somehow don't think I'd like being called MONKEY!! out loud during role play..

That in mind I think SHOGUN would be best.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More alliteration but how 'bout
Shotgun Shogun...


5:48 AM  

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