My Hero loses in 07.04.07

On the 4th of July, Wednesday, 12:00 noon NY time... my slow walking pace halted just outside a sports bar in the Oakland International Airport. Despite the urgency of my flight it seemed like the right thing to do.

...at this time.

As I stood in the aisle way looming over a father and mother of two young boys, I could not help but stop and look up at a blonde haired man. Before anyone told me, I knew in my heart that it was [him], it was Takeru Kobayashi. Hotdog eating champion on screen - hero of every small asian boy who could outeat any barbarian.

It seemed appropriate that time stood still for me, people all around regarding the scene on screen as some preposterous barbaric act. Maybe because it was not accepted as proper culture in this day and age... but to me it seemed like eternity and even if no one understood my folly, time stood still, and I screamed with all my might even if words did not escape my lips.

Two old men at the bar yelled "YOU CAN DO IT JOEY!"



I will see you... on July 4th 2008... if you want to get there.
IF you want to get there.


Anonymous Sam said...

I'm not sure I can entirely believe this happened. Somehow, surely, Kobayashi will be on top again. It's just the natural order of the universe.

(Sorry for disappearing for... however long it's been.)

4:53 PM  

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