I just got back from the range for steel shoot - I brought 200 rounds of 230 grain FMJ reloads and ONLY my XD so I could not chicken out of using it ; ) - that being said tho I LIKE this gun.. while I just don't see myself collecting XDs, I think this guy is a keeper.

The trigger took some getting used to but it was not bad at all.. the reset was short and once I got used to it (and more importantly built up my self confidence with my pull and sight picture) was able to run and engage with it. The only problem I had was mag changes - eventhough the magazine well is larger on the XD than on a 1911 I still fumbled >_< There was also a SFPD new guy there (he knew the guy who sold the gun to me ^_^ small world) who shot the same XD45 tactical I did. I went to him for some advice cause my mags were not dropping free. He said that the XD mags have this tendency to CRACK behind the feed lips (where the primer faces on the top round if you shot SXT duty rounds through it which makes SFPD leery when using this gun - NOTE DO NOT buy used magazines if possible. With a mallet he was able to fix my mags and said that I can send them back to Springfield Armory.

Anyways.. : ) before the range report a little time to talk about the rules of steel shoot.
-20 rounds (bullets) maximum per match.
-The 'man on man' match consists of two challengers attacking steel plates - first one to shoot and DROP all his appointed plates wins.
-Each challenger must shoot three 'man sized' silhouettes, five 6" diameter plates, one 'candlestick' (steel rectangle measuring 8" x 4") and a 'tie breaker' which, tonight, is nostalgically an actual bowling pin. (That candlestick was a BITCH to combat with the XD and I realized I had to drop that guy first).
-Distance is 20 yards.
-Targets MUST DROP - this means that if you hit the target low to rock it but do not drop it or if you graze the side and spin the target it does not count as a 'kill shot' (oh so UN-PC).
-Shooter can engage targets in any order in any style (one hand two hand, prone, kneeling) only rule is that the bowling pin is to be shot LAST. This means each person has to shoot 9 of their 'own' plates and then both must fight for the bowling pin for the winning shot.

Here are the stats for my match tonight... a trailing point (-1) for example, means
the number of plates behind the loser is. (-1) for example means that two shooters are fighting for the bowling pin neck and neck to win the match. (-3) for example means that the loser had 2 of his own plates standing when the winner dropped the bowling pin to win the match.

Match Results:
My gun is an unmodified XD45 tactical 5" barrel (.45 acp calibre)

Me (lose)(-3)
Bob: CZ75 tactical sport .40s&w (win)

Me (lose)(-3)
some Glock IDPA dude: Glock 34 9mm unknown mods.

Me (win)
Chris: Springfield Armory Loaded 9mm with trigger job & home made mods (lose) (-4)

Me (lose) (-6) match rules all left hand
I was able to clean the rack within 20 rounds once I corrected sight picture...

Rod: Stock XD9 service model 9mm with adj sights (win)

Me (lose) (-2)
Dr. Foot: AZ Custom modified Browning High Power 9mm (win)

Me (win)
SFPD guy: XD45 Tactical .45acp with tungsten guide rod (-2)

Me (win)
Dr. Foot: AZ Custom modified Browning High Power 9mm (lose) (-2)

Me (win)
Ton'e: STI custom race with iron sights .40 s&w (lose) (-4)

Me (win)
Kalam: Witness .40s&w probably stock (lose) (-3)

Me (win)
Dr. Foot: Les baer TRS, Yost drop in trigger (lose) (-1)


Blogger Gregg said...

looks like near the end you were really getting the hang of it...

or luck was REALLY on your side...

7:17 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

it was probably a little bit of both : ) I am quite happy with the result tho.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rod really cleaned your clock ;) Hope I can meet him next t-day...

I bet it felt good beating Dr Foot with a TRS... Seems like you found your groove near the end... glad she shot so well for ya... looks like ya found a winner...


8:10 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

If you go to steel you can meet the entire crew : )

But yes Rod really cleaned my clock - tho he was very supportive all the way, especially when I beat a non plastic semi auto : B

I am glad things turned out fine the way they did - once I got he hang of it that is.

8:34 AM  

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