While its so simple it just took too long to figure out, or maybe it took that long for me to believe it.

As we age, we better define and understand our needs, desires, and who we really want to be defined as a person.

With so little time left, We are less inclined to take dangerous risks, shoot twice before stepping forward, are less believing of unbacked claims, more difficult to compromise the beliefs we have chosen to live by, and are less willing to take shit from the rest of the world.

There are ofcourse exceptions who make the rule, then there are those who just don't know what the fuck they're doing.

-The greatest pain a tragic hero can ever bear, is to grow old.


Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Very nice! Is this a new story idea? Regardless, I love the style of the pic. Reminds me of the ink sketches Araki Hirohiko stuck in the pages between chapters in the Jojo tankoubons. :)

I will be penning a new story soon as well... not so much as me being an old man, but perhaps having to do with my life as an adult and being married. :B

10:14 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Thanks.. I was just lazy with my work and just said.. oh hell I am too many beers down the line and just posted ^_- I am glad you like it. Trying to branch out with styles - and drawing girls >_< now I see she looks like your gyaddam KOF girl.

I have to work on my stories anyways (tentative title - the 8th Legion).. I need to get a story for EACH decade in the 20th century.

I'll hope to see more of your work soon. You're doing what.. a DRAMA now?? : p

12:54 AM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

A drama? Like... a soap opera? Like... ONE LITER OF TEARS!?!?

Oh, I wish I could show you the video my student showed me. We were laughing so hard... I really shouldn't... it's supposed to be a true story... but... man, that drama is bad. XD

Ah, yes! Kula! She has the bellbottom sleeves and everything! :D Don't worry, I didn't even notice until you told me. ;)

My new story will be a cross between shonen manga (or rather, my twist on the genre), Live A Live, and McDull, Prince de la Bun. It's one of those that I feel like I NEED to write, so I will plunge in as soon as I finish editing totl.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

It must be subconscious, cause I did not have Kula in my mind when I was drawing.. still when I think retro I think bellbottoms : p tho that may be too new for circa 1919.

So you are going to make a story about marriage.. sounds like comedy material instead of drama ; )

9:58 PM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Well... "marriage" is probably misleading. ^^; You'll see. I think I'll give the whole thing away if I directly say what it's about. ^^; But yeah, shonen manga. ^^

2:11 AM  

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