The greatest Anime

Botox for the soul

...if you were alive in 1995...

If you were alive in 1995 - and had a propensity for hyperviolence.  If you understand when I say that "back then" the cutting edge of video quality was physically 2.490 times larger than a BLU-RAY disc, and larger than a pie tin.  If you smile when I say that I bought a Japanese "Laser Disc" (actually, 6) with the help from an email "pen-pal" for 50 U$ dollars each (or a VHS at the same price - back then you had to speak Japanese to get anything from Japan to the USA).  Then please watch the newest 2nd season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 3.

indeed tonight, I felt myself 20 years younger.

Sure, the OVA in 1995 was better, the animation was better, the direction was better, the cheesy computer graphic animation (and damn you 'matrix' and '24' - Jojo did it 10 years before you did) was better - oh and that damn dog that sounds like a dying old woman - the voice acting was so much better...  but it's OK.  We are still alive today.

What is up with that cheesy OP song?  Is it 1988?  What is up with that ED song?  Is this a Nintendo NES 8-bit game?  In 1995 they had SKYWALKER SOUND doing the music.  Totally 3 cuts above everything else in its league sound wise that could hold its own today.

It's okay...  when I hear that ending song I kind of shed a tear.  I won't admit it out loud but I do like that ending song.

...because, when I close my eyes - it's 1995 all over again.



Anonymous yuuu~ said...

New season's out?! Must watch! :D

Not a fan of the new OP, I must say, but I recognized the ED as soon as I heard it. I always thought Araki seemed to have a lot of input on this new anime (Awesome self-referential theme songs like 80's anime? Check! And you know Araki HAD to be behind "Walk Like an Egyptian" as the last ED. I can't picture a modern anime studio picking that song otherwise ^^), and I'm sure he had input on choosing this (Pat Metheny's "Last Train Home") for the new ED.


the 90's anime was so damn slick that it'll always hold a special place in my heart, but it makes me happy to see how much of the spirit they really tried to capture in this new adaptation :D

2:11 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Everytime I hear a "self referential" 80s OP theme song I think of you, Yuu : )
It has charm in itself tho being a guy who actually likes watching OPs, I wish it was something more.

Oh and thanks for the heads up on the ED song.. I should have known it was just as epic as Walk Like an Egyptian. I absolutely went bananas when I first saw that ED song. Absolutely epic.

I wonder how many of those 1.6 million hits on youtube were contributed by Jojo fans from the last 2 weeks : )

Did you watch part 2 of the Ndul arc? I admit 45 minutes of the 90s OVA vs 30 minutes of the new TV show they were pretty limited on time but the episodes were just too rushed. I HAD to rewatch the old 90s OVA again.. true the animation in the 90s sucked after all - it was well drawn but frame rate was low. But the old OVAs had style, SUSPENSE and just drama at the end. They took their time to reel you in and lingered in the end like a slow romance.
That wasn't captured as well in the new one I thought. It was as if they were just going through the motions.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Only saw the first episode so far. It was okay, but eh, like you said, the old OVAs had style, and no amount of budget can make a piece of work more stylish. I mean, it is certainly okay, but I do agree that there's a certain amount of charm to the original 90s versions which had so much more patience and drama. The Darby encounter will be the true test imo, because that's a battle in which no amount of budget can do the conflict justice. The 90s version got by simply on being brilliantly directed with excellent tension development throughout, and it's a piece I've heavily employed as a teaching tool in showing students how conflict is developed throughout a story. Simply put, it's genius-level storytelling. There's so much to love about the dedication put in the new Jojo anime, but truth be told, the bar has already been set so high that we have no choice but to scoff at some of the minor details ^^

7:42 AM  

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