Happy New Year

oh my GOD.. MY BRAIN!
It's 6.35 PM and I am vegging out staring into nothingness... '_' this is NOT good.

(insert something witty here later)
ARGH! I just want to run and shoot at steel targets NOW.
Red Bull withdrawal 0_0


Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

hohoho, here's a present for your boredom, since I know you love the kofs of the past~ I still think the early ones had big problems (EVIL DAMAGE RATIOS!!! ><;), but nostalgia is a wonderful thing ^_^


7:13 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

I LOVE THIS SONG (and the video!) this is the kinda bands I like to listen to.. I need to get more of that one CD - 'wacky punk' band.. maybe in a second post... Thanks Yuu : }

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

glad you liked it :3

I honestly don't know TOO much about J-punk, but I did pick up some names when I was there during my year abroad (it was really booming at the time along with hip-hop and r&b styles). Mongol 800 is a fan favorite, and Hi-Standard does a bunch of killer remixes of old classics (Elvis's "Can't Stop Falling In Love!!!" Damn, I should have sung that at my wedding... I needed a live band ^^;). However, my choice fav goes to a little band by the name of Going Steady. They only have a couple albums and are no longer together, but man, their stuff is magic. The vocalist isn't the best (my kendo senpai complained about his singing when I was pumping it on the way to a tournament. sacrilege!), but the man does it with such POWER that you can't help but listen.

damn, I wish I had brought my cds with me. I could have sent you a copy of my choice fav, "Tokyo Shonen," which is basically a re-lyriced remix of John Denver's "Country Road." That's the stuff dreams are made of~ (actually, J probably has a copy... ^^)

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I still have that copy of "Tokyo Shonen" on my working computers. :) Since you're never around on AIM anymore, I'll send it to your Gmail. ;P


Ex Animo

2:09 PM  

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