We've lasted this long...

Let's see just how far we can take this story...

...that's a really neat little toy. To those taking note, it's a COLT 'Detective Special' in .38 special - 6 shots... and yes, detectives really used to carry those in the 70s and before. Much like many COLT firearms, it's a very well made piece of steel (historically speaking) that got phased out.

I've recently been getting into revolvers - & want to try to get an old school COLT PYTHON in .357 but they're too expen$ive : ( especially for something I want to try out as a blind buy. But hey it's good enough for RYO SAEBA of CITY HUNTER, and it's gotten rave reviews as the best production revolver ever made. I'm mediocre with a revolver and I want to know how much of my performance with what I have, 'me', and how much is the quality control with the steel I'm shooting.


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