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FEEL ME! SUPER CHINA BOY! (you honour my countrymen)
I just watched BLACK LAGOON 14. (ashamed at oogling over guns and girls).. GENIUS!
50 points and a love love potion to anyone who can tell me what the world these guns are.. they look like S&W target pistols???

Hand it to T : ) mystery is solved! The guns are Beretta Model 76 chambered, as I feared (from looking at the very small slide on the right hand pistol) in tiny .22 LR. As cool as the animation is, I dont think I can respect that : B


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the past, whenever I've gone to a gun show and made a comment at the ammo booth about how tiny and cute the small-caliber rounds are, there's always been some grizzled badass behind the counter with a story about how their destructive power is completely underappreciated. So I'm not sure what to believe...:/


9:07 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Well if you were going for head shots and eye shots all day long, then yes the .22LR will hold its own (esp if you like to sneak up behind people at work). Too many problems with the idea of using .22LR for combat I think.. its effectiveness to penetrate cover, and center of mass stopping power come to mind - (if 9mms will not stop determined drugged perpetrator, what much this?)

but then again Chang (in Black Lagoon) was fighting against a rifle.. nevermind a full automaic machine gun : ) I guess that in itself was stretching the bounds of reality too much already...

overall I am disappointed at the choice of guns for such a neat homage character (complete with white scarf!!) - but if the artist truly is a gun guru like I believe him to be maybe he has some plot twist in mind.. or not >_<

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(esp if you like to sneak up behind people at work)

One story that a guy told me, specifically about .25, was that it has enough power to penetrate skin only once, and ricochets around inside muscle doing tissue damage until it spends itself. (Kind of like the classic .9mm in the brainpan, only it can't go through bone.) Very weird story, but it has a bit of freak appeal. o_O

overall I am disappointed at the choice of guns for such a neat homage character
I don't know BL at all (apart from the Kentucky Fuckin' Chicken), but maybe Chang is supposed to be so utterly badass that he uses .22LR guns as a handicap to give the other guys a sporting chance? ^.^


3:18 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

I am curious to see where this all goes. I am thinking the .22 bouncing bullet is a myth.. but ya never know. I'd never trust my life to a .22 if larger calibres were available >_<

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