ever notice this before?


at any rate, my friend Bentonite is REALLY getting into BLEACH (aka BLECK!) I actually like the songs very much.. but have not watched it.. ihope he doesnt turn me - I'd be one big ass hypocrite.. tho that would not be the first time : )


Anonymous yuuu~ said...

You don't watch SNL? ^.^


"Then the day is mine!" :3

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooold joke/observation. :)

(Now, how did you know what I was going to be majoring in...?)

After I saw Beat You Up Angel Dokuro-chan (aka. greatest anime of all time), my attachment to anime in general has lessened... I've never seen anything of Bleach, save for the bashing that it gets from many people. :/

Happy Thursday~


6:35 AM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Is Dokuro-chan THAT good? ^^ I've read bits and pieces about the show and it always looked like a one-trick pony to me. Is it worth my time to check out?

Oh, and as for Bleach... well, I'll state two things about the series.

1). Usually, the manga is almost always better than the anime, though exceptions usually include series that started as an anime first, of which Bleach is not such a type.

2). I read the Bleach manga to book 10 before it just absolutely bored me. From 1-7, the story largely involves the protag's adaptation to his new shinigami form as well as mysticism as to what the... haro (was it haro? the ghost things. I completely forget what they are called...) are, how they relate to Ichigo and his friends, and how they relate to the shinigami world. I found this interesting. Then the author threw that out the door and decided not only to make the comic a generic "quest" story, but also a "villian of the week" story, which I thankfully did not read since I stopped previous to reaching that portion. As I understand it, the story shifts so that the protag and friends must venture out to rescue their other buddy from the Soul Society (group of shinigami) after book 7. I believe this goes on for like 10 books or so just getting in there and fighting the many (oh, and there are A LOT, thus the cosplay troopers -_-;) members of the SS... probably one at a time.

I don't know, it was too much for me. Naruto already fulfills my "fighting manga" quota for now, and it adds plot and angst to boot (AND NINJAS!!! ... but you already knew that ^.^). :3

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DL the first ep of Dokuro-chan, if you can find it. If the first five minutes fail to overwhelm you with raw HOLYSHITYES, then it is probably not for you. Basically, it is a kind of one-trick pony in that there's not really any functional plot apart from the bare minimum needed to string together scenes of an adorable girl killing the same guy over and over again. The appeal is that the death scenes get more and more graphic and EPIC as the series goes on...^.^

Thanks for the rundown on -Bleach-; it's one of those popular series that I've had zero exposure to (like Naruto and FMA). ^^; But a while ago I remember you saying that Naruto was doing the villain-of-the-week thing also; did it recover after a dry stretch or something?

PS: -Death Note-, -Ergo Proxy-, -Noein-: cool or crappy? I saw episode frags of each and feel interested to varying degrees in each of them. Just fishing for random opinions. :/


8:07 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

The villain of the week idea does not sound so different from DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho or Saint Seiya.. all of which were golden to us. AS long as there are interesting twists and chara development then it is worth it in my book and is a way to mold a lot of young minds : ) (and maybe some letharrgic old ones) in the world.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

J, thanks for the lowdown on Dokuro. I'll check it out. I mean, epic death scenes do sound kind of neat. ^.^

Ah, but I'm loving Naruto's "Villian of the Week" because... well, they're awesome! XD I mean, I was rereading some old issues at work. There's this dude who's a puppet master and first appears in this giant puppet suit with a 6-foot long scorpion tail. Awesome. But then that's not his real form at all, so he reveals himself then starts using a puppet of one of the old nation masters that shoots iron sand at the protags. Awesome! THEN he breaks out a 100 puppet army (which Kishimoto actually went to the trouble to in order to make each one unique @@;) and ignites a massive puppet battle! Yeah! XD I dunno, that really just kept building things up for me. Can't wait to they get to the part with the master who has sewn five different people's hearts into his body so he can use five chakara sources at once. ^.^

In short, Naruto keeps the VotW interesting. It also helps that the VotW group is not only part of its own major story arc (which also branches into smaller story arcs with the individual villians), but also works itself into the plot that was established before the "season change" (there's a jump where everybody becomes 3 years older). Conversely, I've understood that the "Soul Society" arc in Bleach is just fighting a slew of dudes with different sword powers for a rescue mission. That takes 10 books. ^^;

S, I love DBZ, YuYu Hakusho, and SS for all the reasons you've said. If Bleach can be like that, I'd probably love it, but... eh. They all did it well. ^.^ I dunno, I'm being unfair since I never tried to read that far. I guess the premise just turned me off. There was too much potential in NOT doing that. :B

It must have been the house of two upside-down feet where the absolute ridiculousness of the comic just turned me off completely. :P

I bought a copy of Death Note 1 and wanted my money back. ><; It's more a book about being clever and witty than having any character. That killed it for me. I emphasized with Light a lot more in the live action movie, but in the book I just wanted him to die because he was a smartass. :)

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