This year is the 9th year of a legacy of defiance... 9 years ago, T told his family, 6 years ago, my friend Troy told his wife that "if I marry you, you have to let me visit my friend, S on Thanksgiving..." To this day, I cannot think of a braver, more ultimate testament show of friendship... I wish the same for ALL YOUR FRIENDS.

Have a fun and SAFE Thanksgiving. Troy is coming in tomorrow, and it should be a blast.

Never forget, that friends are important. As a wise man once said, "I would trade one RELIABLE FRIEND for a thousand acquaintances..."

if I die tomorrow... I would have no regrets... and this, I wish WHOLE HEARTEDLY to everyone reading this. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous yuuu~ said...

Happy turkey day, dude. :3

8:46 AM  

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