the meaning of life, [IKIGAI]

Humans are weak, and they are mortal. Is the meaning of life, just to [watch]? Just to live as long as you can to see how the world will evolve in your lifetime? Does it mean that all humans live only to observe where the world will end up, and see how they can influence that?

My father asked me, "Kid, why do you collect guns? It's a bad investment , and quite frankly, a waste of money..."

As if I had waited my whole life to answer him, my voice didn't shake, and I replied; "Pa, it makes me happy. Isn't that enough?"

I scarcely ever see the scene, but for once he seemed to grow silent, and respect my response.

...so I wonder what I would say when a man says to me "Why do you love guns? They have no practical purpose in this world?"
An emotional answer; a biological answer; a historical answer; a calculated answer, each would not be complete enough to hold true in all situations... but once again, I am reminded of myself when I was 13 years old. Of a simple, yet often ridiculed emotion I discovered then.

"I love them, because... Because, holding them as an extension of my mortal body, and using them, firing that bullet and driving [it] PERFECTLY into a target. It is the only thing I can do well in this world. Even when ridiculed, feared, and loathed by society, it is the only talent that makes me an individual, it is the only talent I believe that gives me a purpose in life.

Even if ridiculed and ostracized by society, this is [my] world, and my skill, and I can't help but cherish it."

In fact, isn't this what life is all about???


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Well, I could spend all day talking about this subject... but my soap box is broken... (I've been standing on it too much lately)...

I will say this... I'm glad you told your dad how you feel... I'd prolly have answered differently... and if asked why I "love guns" I'm sure you'd get a very long and "calculated answer"... but deep down my reasons are much the same...

As for "they have no practical purpose in this world"... Well it'd be real nice if that was true...


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