I just watched the R.O.D. (Read or Die TV series) tonight at anime night.. (and with some kick ass Pho noodles!!) ^_^

I was apprehensive about watching this series.. because TV series (and follow up series) hardly live up to a really cool initial series they're usually based on...

However, I was caught by the really eye catghing name READ OR DIE OVA series, that I had to watch it eventhough it was a cutsie big eyed anime. I forget if I mentioned it before but I think ROD OVA was the first time I found a female character sincerely 'cute' - I guess I am getting soft in my age ^^;;
...just like the original I was PLEASANTLY surprised by this reincarnation of tthe series. We BREEZED through 4 episodes and it left me wanting more.

because of the following 3 fundamental truths:
  • The main characters are girls.
  • They are cutesey big eyed girls.
  • The pretense involves BIBLIOPHILIACS (and to those who know me, I DO NOT like reading : p)
Witty dialogue and sincerely funny; Sigh... I did love this one voice actor tho!!!


Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

I watched up to episode 8 and moved on to other things, but it was decent by that point. I caught a random episode when I was taking data for my CA paper, and apparently the show does tie in with the OAV, though in a really insanely complicated way... o-O; maybe I'll go back to it someday, but I heard the ending really blows... (gotta love the dramatic action theme with the strings though ^^)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

oh? hmmm... well I'll look forward to the first 8 eps then : ) I am just curious as to what happened to the main chara from the OVA.

7:15 AM  

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