Oh! Dear Friends...

One day, your enemy will become your friend; and maybe one day your friend will desert you. We are so tyipcal, we are so frail...
When you close your eyes everything will disappear.

...and when you open your eyes, who will you see?

(I always loved the phrase 'dear friends' ever since I was very young...)

: )
Last night I went to Nobuo Uematsu's DEAR FRIENDS - to the poopyheads who don't know what this greatness is - it's a concert, complete with spymphonic/Orchestra ensemble, and they played FINAL FANTASY Music. This is DEAR FRIENDS' first USA tour, and their third show. I regretted not going to LA for the first show, but man in San Francisco I could not resist!

I was defintely all smiles last night, and I can't really easily remember when I felt that way. I was wonderful! I want to go next year. (and probably wouldn't mind following the concert around the country if I could)

No, I did not cosplay.. but there were a small handfull of people who did. Maybe if it was a weekend show and not a Monday night show I might have considered it... it would have been fun, or at least work something more formal. (There were a few T shirts, but quite a few guys actually dressed up in suits and ties).

DUM DUM: The MC was some non-gamer chick who does basketball games or ESPN stuff - or something. For me it was really hard to listen to her commentary >_< (the jokes seemed so contrived, and to me, paranoidically condenscending - am I just a meanazoid? It was painful to sit through)
I SO WISHED that Tara Strong would MC (she is the voice actor for Rikku in case you didn't catch that ^_^)

Huh?: One thing that I wanted to note was that the show producer and the MC script emphasized HEAVY on how Game Music was now 'legittemate, recognizable, mainstream..' and other propaganda-ish buzz words. I dunno, I guess I don't really care or have a crusade I want to march for (kinda like when anime wasn't that mainstream in the USA). I just love this concert, and being around others who appreciate it. Being with friends and remembering good old times...
I got no flag, and personally have no need to say "See, there are other freaks like me who listen to game music - you have to respect me now..."

OFCOURSE Nobuo Uematsu being the charming pro that he is ^_- did mention that he was honoured that "Theme of Love" (if I recall correctly) from FF6 will be published in Japanese Elementary school music textbooks ^_^. That and Dear Friends was about thanking his fans, and he appreciates the fact that this is a way younger children can be exposed to symphonic music. (awwww) I am such a wuss : } the man's got nothing to prove, no scarred crusader, and no politics.

OK I should stop rambling.. they played a lot of FF9.. but it was truly epic that everytime they performed somethign from FF7 the crowd went wild. Ofcourse when ONE WINGED ANGEL came out everyone just went APESHIT!!! APESHIT TO MAX DEATH POW MEGATON!!
(me included) ^_- I couldn't contain myself. Golf claps were not enough...

(I . c o u l d . t a l k . f o r e v e r . a b o u t . t h e . n i g h t)


Blogger Mark Soo said...

Hanep! You went to Nobuo Uematsu?

I must bow down before your feet!!!!

Maybe you should wait for Kojima to come back then!

Let me show you what I found out recently:


Cheers, mate!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

YES! I saw him!!! ...and for one shining moment, I was proud of my 3 years in College Japanese. For I could LAUGH, and CLAP before anyone else in the auditorium.

(Ie. I didn't have to wait for his translator to translate his jokes into English.. most of the time ^_-)

Yes Bro.. you indeed suck compared to me.. HO HO HO! ; D

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

"...MC script emphasized HEAVY on how Game Music was now 'legittemate, recognizable, mainstream..'"

Because OBVIOUSLY game music was just nonexistent before then ;B

I just say Americans are weird/out-of-it like that. I mean, come on, people called Pokemon the work of Satan. :B

I like OWA, but I still say that the FF8 opening theme was his best piece evaaaarrr~ :3

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

(completely random)

AGGGGHHH~!!! you updated purple behind our backs! shame on thee! shame I say!

/hurries off to read~

6:15 PM  
Blogger Sensoo said...


Just another thing I need to do...


6:20 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

HO HO HO! : D Surprise! I thought I could have done 5 chapters by now but alas... My brain hit an attention span bump.. again.

..but yes it was annoying that MC!

BUT not as annoying as getting in line (about third in line) for the "Greet Uematsu" line and being so PSYHED then - being asked for a VIP pass!!!

WTF! I had to promptly kick Uematsu's as for that one. I was able to bit his knee before the guards took me away!! >_<

OMINAE.. bow before my feet!! (kick kick) >: }

6:38 PM  
Blogger Mark Soo said...

Wag na lang! HE HE HE!

8:58 PM  

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