1999 - part - 2

depending on my mood and attention span, I'd probbaly like to work on this pic more.. maybe.. maybe not... : p
---concept sketch for Tensai & [Z] i n1999 (Bonifacio would be 46, and still buying clothes from HOT TOPIC ^_^, Z is timeless)
1969 --> 12.31.1999


Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

a mass reunion before the end of the world? :3 I like, I like~ I started wondering what others you could/would/might draw in this theme, but I guess the MRB gang wouldn't look THAT different in this setting though :B

totally off topic, but aren't these poses just so 1995? :D


6:34 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

I modified a pic a bit HIT RELOAD : p what to do next.. do purple, draw or do laundry??

Thanks for stopping by, I like doing pin-ups cause it takes less commitment >_< (MRB95 guys will ofcourse stay as is.. ie. boooring.. wanna do the rest first)

...as far as the poses.. I am all about the 1995!!!

9:38 PM  
Anonymous yuuu~ said...

dude, do you even need to ask that question? X3

(I never noticed until now that Shinji was in a wheelchair ^^;)

btw, I found a site for the mac version of the mame emulator:
I'm not sure if we can play mac to pc, and I've been having problems getting on the servers, but hopefully I'll work that all out eventually ^^

11:28 AM  

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