it can happen in 2001

Today is an off/rest day from the gym so it's time to practice hand eye coordination and finger strength.. that is - King of Fighters + range time : ). YES! FRIENDS! COUNTRYMEN! 20 hits is possible with Iori Yagami. (Sorry, I am a late bloomer... simple 20 hits makes me happy.)


Anonymous Yuuu~ said...


you must try 01 Chang, I insist :3 "Five Star Chang Splash~!!!" XD they also made him a command charac in 01 too, it makes such a difference~

1:51 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

what is a.. command.. chara??


3:09 PM  
Anonymous Yuuu~ said...

ah, command charac is like the ken/ryu, or Iori type, versus a charge charac, like Guile, Leona, and old-school Heidern (Heidern got turned into a command charac in 2001, very brutal stuff @@;)

you must experience command-version Chang to truly appreciate the awesomeness! XD

3:39 PM  

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