(I wish I had a camera)
I was driving home today from shooting some trap. It's pretty awesome shooting a 28" over and under shotgun (I call it my Katana ^_^) at clay pigeons for instant gratification. I don't think I'd ever go hunting - but like Dance Dance Revolution I regard it as a 'true murdering martial art superpedobestialia battle action game.' ^_^

I figure that when I am old and senile I can shoot trap and skeet with all the old fogies instead of playing golf.

...anyways... as I was going home I saw about half dozen ducks (they populate the lakes that are around my house) stop by the crosswalk. THE ACTUAL CROSSWALK.. look both ways then cross.

...then I went home - because, even after apocalypse, if we live, we always go home.


Blogger Sensoo said...

Yayness! Trap and skeet are TEH SHITE.

Home is a universal concept. I appreciate it.

6:18 AM  

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