Biologically gifted gender specific shooters

Nothing much happened this weekend.. whch seemed to be a trend in my current slump.. living Friday to Friday (me asking "Is it Friday yet?" on Saturday morning). The home gym I just bought does help.. somewhat.

...but yes back to my weekend, Kalam, a local guy at steel shoot has been trying to recruit me to shoot BULLSEYE maybe because he sees I like to shoot one handed - right or left hand.. does not matter.. I find that really flattering : )

He made a comment (I always thought he was VERY reclusive and grumpy.. maybe it is because of the language barrier, but I find he is a very enthusiastic guy after all.. sometimes TOO ENTHUSIASTIC.)...

He mentioned that it may be true that women shooters excel at bullseye shooting, and the way I understand it - it was because they have better heart rate and breath control than men. He had no facts so I have to research it now >_<

This factoid INTERESTS me tremendously. Fact of the matter is - men and women are not built the same and no matter how much they train they have inherent biological advantages and weaknesses. Nevermind my perceptions on guns and girls animes and movies, I sincerely, always like to understand these to see if these ideas are true or not.. more later.

In a nutshell bullseye shooting is a noble military and olympic sport. Everyone is pretty much treated equal. You have to shoot long distances - 50 yards.. trust me this is Goddamn TOUGH (I can hold a 3.5" inch 5 shot two hand group at 20 yards - while olympic level shooters are held to a standard of 1-2" groups at 50 yards), and to make it harder they must shoot it ONE HANDED. Footwork, tactical placement on the move, carrying heavy equipment and speed reloading is NOT an issue. You are instructed to shoot when commanded, no penalties for shooting slower than the rival next to you (as long as it is within the alloted max time limit) and reload at your leisure.

The way I see it these are the skills needed:
-Holding a heavy steel gun (plastic guns are not allowed in my knowledge, and steel guns cannot be modified to be lightened significantly) at arms length for a period of time.
-Physically and mentally handling recoil. (Ammunition is set for each category, and recoil reducing compensators are not allowed.)
-Breathing and heart rate control to keep your sight picture steady.
-Reliable eyesight.

Fancy sights and higher capacity magazines are not an advantage since a pre determined number of shots are declared, and to a certain degree, sight aquisition speed is NOT AS IMPORTANT as a steady hand and reliable trigger control.

While the events are timed, I think it all comes down to the balance of nerve control with how long you can maintain arm strength. Heart rate is the key.

Is it true that the most cold blooded shooter wins? : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan=girl=rather bad w/ a pistol...

BUT half of the school pistol team is female and at least one of the girls has plans for the Olympics...

Also, miss Snipey, sorry I'm never around...and I still have your present from last year b/c I have an inexplicable phobia of the post office.


7:02 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Susan, is it a requirement that half the pistol team be female? I guess getting that many female members is in itself a feat...

If you want to get good you need to practice.. eventhough one is a 'natural' at it. In any sport I think.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well S, I'm sure you'll be good at it... its not my cup of tea though... I'd rather shoot an M1A "bare eyes" :p


7:56 AM  

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