So today I was able to get home at a respectable hour :) lucky me - so what do I do? I watch the second episode of BLACK LAGOON. While I am still at odds about my true feelings for this anime I find it refreshing that the main actress actually LOOKS like she has the body and the psychotic mindset to fight with two Baretta 92FS (9mm) pistols - given that she is always shooting one handed with her relatively small frame. (I am trying to come to grips if I am more attracted to her ripped up jean shorts or her shoulder rig and pair of Barettas).

As a gun geek aside it is almost given that the mangaka is a John Woo fan of some sort - I know I was smitten withthe Baretta 92FS when I started shooting. This was when I had little access to shooting real guns as many mangakas are in Japan. Still He seems well versed in the operation and realism of guns. (+1 even with my snobbish prejudice)

As you know I am very anti 'gun and girls' anime, but I think I am drawn to the authour's drive as he seems to put a lot of detail into the firearms and seems like he really has a knowledge for them.

OFCOURSE with classic 'BAD ENGLISH THEATRE' greats such as:
"Rock N' Roll Fuckin' Fried Chicken!"
"Omae-tachi wo FUCK o shiteyaru ze!"
"Holy Fuckin' Christ!"
(NOTE: this was ACTUALLY aired on TV - they pulled a 'firefly')
"Amen. Halleluyah. Peanuts Butter!"
"I'll fly you to the moon! (this was said in Japanese tho)"

GENIUS! If you can't tell I am a big fan of 'BAD ENGLISH THEATRE' since college and find it totally appealing to a certain degree. I can only dare to hope native Japanese speakers feel the same when I botch up their language ^_^. (With only 5 tankobouns, its awesome this guy got picked up as an anime)

Which ofcourse brings me to the topic of shooting. After watching that I brought 300 rounds of .45 ACP to the range tonight and proceeded to break in one of my 1911s some more. While the first 200 rounds came and went - I thought - HEY! I haven't done one handed shooting in a while!!!

Plugged my iPod to my headset listening to Elvis for 2 hours... and so I present to you. 100+/- rounds from alternating right hand only and left hand only.

The target is at 7 yards (21 feet) while this feat is nothing to serious competitive bullseye shooters, it was a load of fun for me who hasn't practiced this - the result totally blew me away! : )
-Green area is approximately 70 rounds of one handed right hand shooting.
-While what freaked me out was the orange 3" circles. These are one handed shots with the LEFT HAND ONLY.

I think I may have found the most comfortable one handed stance.
Unfortuantely this is the best pic I could find in short notice.

Notice the one handed stance (and John Browning's 1911), now being perverted as I am, imagine the opposite hand on your belt buckle (as is done by competitive shooters) crotch way out, sholders back - Yes.. JOJO POSING SCHOOL style. Hey's it's weird but it works. It gives me (for now) enough support while also relaxing my shoulders (thus the 70 shots from right hand only - I'd go thru the math but I won't bore you). I find myself beng less fatigued than the typical butt out lean forward TWO HAND stance.

Anyways... that is all. What a night : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW S... The stance you mention with crotch out, and shoulders back (minus hands on buckle of course :p), is precisely how my grandfather said he was taught to shoot his 1911A1 in the Service before going to Korea.

When I finally went to the range with him he had a blast shooting the Garand and my SA GI. It was fun having him explain how he was taught. It never talked to me about his time in the Service before.

Not sure what my 7rd group would have looked like as we were shooting at 25yrds :)


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