Farewell to Arms (not today, buddy)

Statement from NRA chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox on San Francisco Gun Ban Victory

Monday, June 12, 2006

This ruling is a major victory for freedom and the rights of law-abiding residents in the city of San Francisco.

We are pleased with the decision of Judge James Warren of the California Superior Court. In today's ruling, Judge Warren ruled California law prohibits a city or county from banning handgun possession by law-abiding adults. This ruling supports the premise of NRA's argument. The NRA filed it's lawsuit soon after Proposition H passed arguing that the proposition was in violation of California preemption laws that say firearm laws are regulated by the state.

It seems evident that the authors of this measure either intentionally misled voters during the election or authored this proposed measure with gross disregard of California law. Regrettably, the biggest losers were the voters in this municipality who had to bear the considerable financial burden to satisfy the careless political whim of their elected officials.

The NRA is determined not to see this gross injustice happen again and will fight any effort by the gun control lobby and their allies in elected office to resurrect this flawed measure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see it now... the next campaign by the anti gunners will have a new "statistic".

"Voters in a major metropolitan area, passed a Proposition to create a law that would ban handguns, and make their city safer for its residents. Unfortunatly the powerful lobbying force of the NRA squashed the law leaving the city under seige by hordes of armed gunman".

They knew this would get overturned, but it was a chance for them to show that the people want to be unarmed, right now they'll take even a fake victory.


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