Welcome to TDAY 8!

Human relationships are filled with such splendor and wonder...

You can befriend someone, shower them with love and compassion, feed and care for them, and in the end you may even make them into a better person... you can do the same to a dog.

The only difference is that a dog will NOT bite you.

...and that, is the fundamental difference between dog and man.

Despite having very few friends, I value them greatly.
Have a safe and happy TDAY people.. in a few hours nothing will be of great importance!


Anonymous Wahlberg said...

Happy Tday to you also my friend. I hope it finds you happy and healthy and cherished.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

...same to you my friend : )
may fortune favour the brave...

keep in touch, ya frickhead. ; )

1:46 AM  

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