raison d'etre

rai·son d'ê·tre (French)
1. reason for being.
2. the purpose that justifies a thing's existence.

men love to watch you suffer,
...the hate makes me warm.
world won't end, till you say so.
-and this is the ballad of BAD BAD JOHNNY.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*fangirl squeal!*

Johnny!! Demon Eye Johnny, the best character EVER in the entire world!! TTT_TTT

Ah, so inspirational. I feel great now. ^_______^ *mellows*

Ex Animo

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



5:20 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Thanks guys.. ^____^ you're awesome!
I can't wait till the weekend. So tired with work I need some alone time.. maybe shoot some lead and run around the block until I puke my guts out and clean my system!!

@___@ BAD BAD JOHNNY you're my hero!!

12:08 PM  

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