instead, I will drop [heaven] from the sky
...and my revenge will be that I will
[today] & [yesterday], one & the same.

-I have a bad bad craving to get a NEO GEO cartridge system (maybe its because I have returned to my old hairstyle ^_^ I feel like a biochemical change has occured in my brain.) I was thinking MAN that's expensive for a GAME SYSTEM. Then I remembered how much I spend on GUNS & KNIVES (Hell just ONE GUN or KNIFE - EEEK!)! I WANT IT BACK DAMN IT! FEAR MY MERCILESS BIDDING SK33LZ!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's who Bonofacio reminded me of!!! Ryoga from GoDaFun, the nice-guy Osakan who could move mountains ^^ it didn't click at all until today... ^^;;; ah well, I just need to get more sleep to jump-start this gray thing I call a brain. luckily, beer calls for me tonight... mmm... beer~ :D

some artstuffs~

prelim. sketch for Bonafacio:

My own (lame ><;) contribution to your recent string of stand users :3

1:31 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

SWEETNESS!! FAN ART! : D Thanks Yuu.
Tho to be honest, I really didn't know who you were talking about when you mentioned GoDaGun.. the name rings a bell but I had to look it up.. did you mean OROCHI RYOUGA??

GoDaGun definitely looks cool and is something to pick up in the future.. a nice mix between Tanjyo Tenka + Shadow Skill --> tho the guy ooks like he could be the chara designer for Guilty Gear!!!

I didn't get Bonifacio's chara design inspiration from GoDaGun tho.. it's from somewhere else ; )
Straps have their purpose and I like them don't get me wrong.. I enjoyed drawing (tenkamuteki)GTT tonight...

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah! Orochi Ryouga! XD

GDG is a pretty good series. The first story arc is a great all-out action manga, wonderful, wonderful stuff (with Garikku Raida! XD). The second and last story arc is really slow to get moving, but is pretty good at the climax. I think the end was pretty rushed though... the last book is chock full of way too much stuff for just one volume, I was wondering if the guy got bored and wanted to move on to other projects ^^; but otherwise, I highly recommend it, good action and wacky osakan humor :3


10:04 AM  

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