the only thing [CONSTANT] in this world, is [change]

people change, yet some things never change...

It's weird meeting up with a college buddy you haven't seen in 4 years or so. Really puts things in perspective... I took Jinus out to ANGEL FISH, the local AWESOME sushi joint (best in CA as far as I am concerned, hell in North America...) and its funny the stories that you hear again. Pain and happiness seems like it's so far behind you.

I guess we are all human.. you see the changes but in the end nothing's changed.
"Everything has chains, absolutely nothing's changed."

Everytime I meet someone from my past, friend or enemy, I feel a part of myself returning. Sometimes I welcome it - oftentimes I don't... but its an experience none the less... Pittsburgh was really a great [place]. It was where PShonen was born, and I will go back one day - if only to feel the cold pain of snow.

...anywyas I gotta turn in for the night.. long day and long night. I have to wake up early tomorrow cause I have to get my new kawaiiiiiiii-ko-chan GLOCK 36. ; D

"..tomo yo".. you've done me a GREAT SERVICE, because if not for you, I would not have been saved, and I would not love the warm hatred so. Today or yesterday, I hope I never meet you again...
cause in the end, we all wanted to be saved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for better or for worse, the past will always be with us. it will always be a part of us. this, I can never forget, but I also must remember that there's always a future as well. that much I can look forward to :3

(I love saturdays, and I love having a wife who is as lazy as I am and doesn't mind me lounging around all day long XD)


12:17 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

that's my dillema... allowing how much of the past influence the future.
round and round my head spins, round and round it goes, I've forgotten where it begins...

YUU!!! its sunday morning get some breakfast. I am debating whether to get breakfast or In n Out burger : D

11:03 AM  

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