Driven by instinct

  • I really couldn't help it. As I was driving home from breakfast yesterday I saw a silver Mazda RX7 (tho it was not as pimpe dout as this one) (I am not a car fan, but man these are such beautiful cars ^___^) and being the obsessive stalker that I am I FOLLOWED IT!! (Cause I thought it lived closeby). It didn't take me back to its lair, but instead showed me a COOL new way to get out of the island I live in... This could come in handy when the zombies come and everyone is blocking traffic cause they only know of one bridge out of our impenetrable fortress!!

  • OK that's enough. I am not a bad guy really.. just... obsessive.. at times.
  • (Stares at beloved Raymond Briggs SNOWMEN collection).

  • Yesterday I also went to a friends' friends' house.. the wife of the friends' friend owned a YELLOW RX8 complete with a PIKACHUU sticker on the hood.. >__<>SLAYERS EXCELLENT. As expected when I got home my brain was mush and had no drive to do PURPLE!!! URGH!

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