OTOKO WA TSURAI - sou da yo naa...

I was supposed to continue packing for my move tonight but I made the 'mistake' of ordering pizza and watching the ASHITA NO JOE movie 2. It's a dated 70s anime, but I can't help but love it. It was a very vocal, shaking BAWLING - OH DA TEARS night for me ;_;.

ASHITA no JOE has shaped the lives of two generations and [tonight] I think it just influenced a third. There is nothing more BEAUTIFUL and GODLY than seeing and believing in something that can withstand the test of time. In an Anime era of bouncing breasts, candy cane voices, big glassy eyes and pathetically nonesense gun toting girls - I am glad to see that in 1969 there were PSYCHO SHONEN in the world.

up to the very very end...

I can now FULLY understand the cameo quote one might hear in many TRUE shonen anime "He keeps on getting up.. HE'S LIKE YABUKI JOE!!!" (everyone who's anyone in the Shonen world has definitely been influenced by this anime.. if not then he's fuckin' CRAP : p - note Joe's cap and Kuujou Joutarou (from JoJo's bizarre Adventures WW2 boy cap... JoJo x "Joe" coincidence???)

I believe this anime is TOP on the list of one of the best SHONEN ANIME of all time.. but that's just me.
I have to wash my face cause it's caked with dried up tears.. it's kinda pathetic and I think many common anime fans might laugh at me but I just can't help it.

ANYONE who wants to know what a hardcore Pshonen is all about has GOT to watch Joe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, I so NEED to get my hands on this show TT I've only flitted through sparse pages of it in the men's dorm back in japan, but never got my ass off the ground to read it in full. *sob* maybe the next time I go to HK... (where do you get all your stuff anyways? ^^)


12:34 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

I know the owner of Junky Spot in SERRA BOWL in serramonte.. he has an anime/card store in the bowling alley there. He is a knife junkie too so the barter system is alive and well : ) one of his shopkeepers wants to check it out so I cand always lend it to you down the road.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude.. I've been looking for it, but was never able to get hold of a copy. :

My Japanese friends all laugh at me "You always like these out of style things!" (from the military otaku) "Why are you so manly??" from the bastard that loves lollicon and surrounds himself with pink and prepubescent little girl anime. (yeah yeah, they're TECHNICALLY 16, but they LOOK what.. 4?)

So... uhm. Yeah. They're not very good sources for me.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That post was done by me-- Viv, btw. :\

I forgot to sign

9:06 AM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Viv, not a problem.. I can pass this DVD along to you as well.. or if you pass thru here on a roadtrip then let me know and we shall watch JOE in all its greatness!!!

You need to find a fresh new crop of friends.. that or bonk them on the head so they will respect you..

...saying JOE is out of style is like saying, fighting fearlessly for dreams is out of style..

well, I take that back, in some cases I guess your dum dum friends are right.. it's out of style for this self serving selfish community of spineless youths.

Hmm.. that got a bit heated.. I need to hug my stuffed penguin again to chill out.. KYAAA *_*

1:52 PM  

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