everybody wants to rule the world...

"something happens, and I 'm head over heels..."

One thing that stands out during my teenage years, (like everyone else I am sure) was that I couldn't wait to die. To graduate, to find work, get married, have kids, die, and all that while not being good enough to amount to anything (and I still can't play the piano) as I was criticized mercilessly by my teachers and family.

I never understood people when they said,
"Life's always tough, but there's more to life than that..."
I thought they were crazy - Today it was raining. Ame ga futteimashita...

RAIN OR SHINE; Sniperboy will be there.

Today I took out T's custom bullets (reloads) that he gave to me as a gift : ) thanks bud. I was FINALLY able to break my 1.25" group. if you notice the pic above.. those are supposed to be FIVE bulletholes. If you ignore the guy on the left (I dunno what happened.. T's fault!! He must have put a faulty bullet in there ^_- ) the group in question is (if I may be liberal : p) is around 5/8" to 1/4" GROUP! This is the best I have shot EVAAAR!! (yeah I am a late bloomer but bear with me now)

So the "big" hole has had 4 bullets pass thru it... if you want to know how big a hole a .308 165 grain hollow point makes, then examine my buddy on the left. That is exactly one hole. Then imagine fitting that hole in the party at the right.

(Ok I know my other shooting buddies if they are reading this are laughing at my shallowness, but bear with me here.. I feel like a grade school kid who just saw his first porno mag.)


. . .

In the rain today, I also lost control of my tires and swerved in a tight turn I haven't taken at that speed before (accidentally). By some dumb luck, the guy next to me turned VERY wide.. either purposely or not who knows.
I thought I was going to die for sure as I heard my rear tires start to skid and I started drifting one lane over.

Thank goodness for my excessive training in Gran Turismo and Initial D (tho you might say that, this was what got me in this mess to begin with)... I didn't panic (tho my eyeballs leapt to the side trying to see the truck next to me) all I could hear in my mind was "DEKINEE! ONEGAI, SPIN JYA NIGETE!!" then "COUNTER-STEER YOU IDIOT!"

OK so I am a loser and a geek but this has never happened to me before cause I was a good kid : p.
I thought I was going to DIE. But in a sick kind to way, having felt the experience of losing traction, I was one, glad that I am alive; two, glad to have lived long enough to feel this sensation, and three, I don't want to die YET because I hopefully want to feel that again (not in traffic tho : p)

today was a day of new accomplishments and new experiences
some people are sad today, some people are happy today. I am me, and tomorrow is another day. : D


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