"I request a fight with you."

to me, there are no other spoken words that are more passionate in this damn world...

"...he is inferior to a dog, why cannot I laugh?" -Lee/GG(anime)

In order to fully understand the complexities of this gray world; one must first take to heart, and accept, the carnal black and white prejudices that are established in life... only from this acceptance, can [I] hope to understand the rules that make those prejudiced truth, faulty.

This is a paradox of TRUTH - that in order t o find the real [it], one must prove [this] TRUTH as FALSE...
the expectations the world has for a MAN and a WOMAN; a GUN and a BLADE, divisible to that insignificant sexism, and to destroy this theory. This is the will of understanding - in my own twisted mind.

I must first accept what prejudice logic was presented to me, then prove it wrong and understanding what makes the theory wrong, then will the future be revealed to me...


DAMN that was a long stream of cnsciousness >_<.. that teaches me to forgo (for a while) my ditzy nature and try to "think" sometimes (like Ralf says in PURPLE, dont make me think, its bad for my body). But its true tho scientifically. In order to prove a fundamental truth/theorem in science one must prove it in 100 situations, but it only takes one falsification to make a theorem crumble.

--I just watched a few more episiodes of GUNGRAVE (ANIME). Particularly the LEE versus and the BEAR WALKEN versus.

--I am pretty much convinced that those are really good episodes, but that the director is probably not an obsessive GG Game story fan. Case (in my ) point, Bunji did NOT intervene in the Lee fight.. The whole Mika vs Lee talk was pretty much perfect and transcends the game story but lacked when bunji did not step in.. In my story, Lee would be screaming "BUUUNJIIIII KISAMAAA!!" and Bunji would reply "Fight him fairly." if he even said anything at all.

---BEAR WALKEN episode.. PERFECT & I admit the depth of BEAR in the ANIME was SO MUCH BETTER than the game story. With his relationship with his crew "Overkill" to his choice lines.. ^_^d awesome.. this is an episode I will watch again before I go on... I rewinded a lot withthe tearjerking scenes.

--I think the chara designs of the SUPERIORIZED enemies was more "practical" than the flashy Game design, but still the fight was too short.. DVD 3 is the best, but sorry, they spent TOO MUCH time on the 1st DVD when they could have done so much more to increase tension and impact in DVD3. (criticize criticize.. : p gomen... but then again this is an angsty MINDLESS SHOOTING ACTION, isn't it?)

--Ah so wonderful indeed. "This is just a story of a man, who's life never could turned out the way he wished it would have..." (-Y.) Well said buddy...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm, I wish I had a PS2 just so I could see the game's version of the storytelling. I fell in love with the anime version pretty quickly, so I'm interested in seeing your basis of discretion :3

I loved Bear in the show, they did a lot with him from the start and it carries on all through up until his death :3 I found Bunji to be well rounded in his development, though lacking in certain points (which may be fulfilled by what you say in the game). I did love how the first time he fights Brandon, he refuses to "sell out" to the superiorizing process, too cool for words XD ah, but the final Bunji/Brandon confrontation is epic, EPIC I say XD Harry's got to be a personal favorite though, they do so much good stuff with him and his relationship to Brandon, but I'll leave it at that until you finish the show itself :3

btw, how exactly does the game end? I get the feeling that it's different from the series, can you give me details on the bosses, final confrontation, and conclusion? (don't worry, I love spoilers :3 of course, maybe email is better if you don't want to spoil it for others, I'm not sure if J will be playing this anytime soon ^^)


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Blogger Sniperboy said...

hmmm.. well I realize you liked the anime Yuu, but I can give you some snippets of the game on email. For the most part the game is "less" a simpler plot - just lots of nice visuals leaving yuo to fill in the blanks. it doesnt overexplain anything like the anime I think.

Plus the Anime doesn't have a "pose" button. The chara designs of the enemies are also more mechanical monster rather than organic monster. I do not think Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess) did the mecha design for the anime.. he did the game and was splendid.

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