to be greeted by "OKAERINASAI" must have been the greatest feeling of my life..
if only to save one person in the world, maybe heroes can find accomplishment in their lives...

(here is a work in progress scrimshaw I am doing for one of my 1911 pistols : D since I was scared to use real ivory I practiced on some (fake) Ivory micarta - ghetto style with a blade and basically an ice pick...
...watching GUNGRAVE now. AWESOME! ..but NOTHING compares to the opening scene of the PS2 game : ) I am such a simpleton really, I love that opening scene. [PERFECTION].
my only qualm was that the GUNGRAVE anime was not directed/screenplayed better (it had to be done by someone who loved it passionately). Hell, I would have donated my time and a pint of blood to get a chance to be a part of that team. Megalomaniac as I am I would be HAIL KING S of the GG project, with squeaky hammer in hand.


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