the [killer] in me, is the [killer] in you...

Have you seen the new MGS3 trailer?? I guess there are spoilers here as far as "AW SHIT" factor but man you got to see it if you don't plan to play soon ; ).

The whole storyline of a lady named BOSS as Snake's master is just too awesome for me. In this trailer we've got some MAD SKEELZ with face to face - hand to hand pistol neutralize and disarm.

What BOSS did was MAD SKEELZ in my book. Highly improbable? Yeah. Awesome? GODLY! I have a hard enough time doing what she did to SNAKE with BOTH MY HANDS plus in a non stress situation.

Sure Jet Li did it in Lethal Weapon 4... but relatively speaking.. in a smooth Original Italian made Baretta (or a SIG for that matter) it is 'relatively' easy to do this super cool disarm. (Such a disarm MANDATES Gregory Williams-Scott and the NY Philharmonic orchestra just BLARE when you do it.)

I have a new mission.. to be able to do what BOSS did!! It CAN be done.. only if you ignore any other purpose in life you might have!!

In other news.. Tomorrow is one more day closer to TDay5. T, K, (Jim will be absent) will be at SnipeRanch with the usual festivities!! We have MGS3, Berserk and lighter fluid to liven things up!! : D


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