PANIC! Glock 36!


It takes a lot (and a far off the wall FLCL) to get me interested in a "cutie comedy" anime but I couldn't help it - panic action funny nonesense gun anime. : ) I just watched FULL METAL PANIC FUMOFFU (thanks again Yuu) and as expected I LOVE IT!

I was rolling on the floor, rewind and pause and rewind with this anime. its been a while since I loved such a "simple formula" anime in a while. I hope I cna get more cause i think its all worth it and a great escape from reality.

This is a pretty big statement too but I think I like the blue haired main characheter too and her sidekick... maybe because it was how I envisioned 'AYUMI" and "CHIAKI" in MRB95 ^_^ happy happy... I need to find some nice red ribbon for my Glock 36 so I can replicate the pic on the ED song.

(the Japanese speech and dialogue was PRICELESS as well)
I go to sleep now - : ) hooray!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may have fallen short on Casshern, but I can at least get this for you :3 give me the weekend (I have a phonology midterm tomorrow with a teacher who doesn't even know what she herself is doing ><;) and I'll have a package out for you by monday. "Bonta-kun" has to be seen to be believed, I know J will back me up on that one :D


4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuu speaks the truth--Bonta-kun is awesome. Actually, the entire series is awesome. My personal favorite episodes are the one involving the rugby team and the second half of "The Goddess Visits Japan" (that latter one even has sniping in it ^_^). I only wish that there was more of it, and that there was a bit more of a continuing plotline throughout, but that's just me being overly picky. God, what a great, great show. XD I hope you get to see the rest of it soon (I have the eps ripped to my HDs, but Yuu's package will probably get to you before I will ^^).

Ex Animo

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