I don't know what I was thinking...

Man I'm hungry.. then again I am always hungry : )
(and because I am Son Goku!)

Funny thing happened last night. I was going thru my old junk and found my old pair of leather pants (yeah kinda scary.. don't tell anyone!!). It's probably out of date and you wonder if it was ever in style to begin with.

But anyways I fit into them again after 4-6 years! : D HOORAY HOORAY! And I didn't have to tug them off my legs like when I was younger. (lets hope it stays that way. knocks on wood)

What to do what to do... Moving all my parents' stuff to the new house really got me lazy and unproductive.. glad to get back to drawing and getting out of the house again.

A lot of people are fascinated by Asian culture. They study it immensely and immerse themselves in it willingly. They eat the nasty 'far east' food eventho their bodies rebel - and even go out of their way to find wonderful 'Oriental' girlfriends. Me; I just want to wear some leather Iori Yagami Bondage pants and be a Chinese Cowboy.


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