Losing focus, again?

...I have been a bit speechless lately for some reason.. I am not sure why. Then all of a sudden, as I was vegging at work, a strong memory invades my mind.

When I was little, maybe 3-5 years old I remember my mother constantly asking me to call my Dad to ask him when he would come home. That or ask for him then have me hand the phone to her. The secretaries all knew me and thought I was cute.
-That is twisted stuff... I had blocked it from my mind.

--> In other news I think I will buy my reloading machine this week so T can teach me how to make super beauty wonderful bullets when he comes over for T-day5.

--> Also, I am suddenly infatuated by the demo video of this game: OZ
Any game with cool voices and a lady that says "Ima da, SHONEN!" or "Anta ga kami gami tsukurareta ningyou na no da..." gets a mega thumbs up from me!


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