get the hell out!

this is my heart, and I will dictate my future.

It's been while since I drew something.. so here ya go : ) "Everything's great, I'm doing just fine..."

"DESTINY is calling you."

  • EEK! EEK! J.'s arriving tomorrow~~ I gotta get the dirty laundry offa the hallways!! (That and disarm the booby traps.) Cold noodles and SATAN COOKIES reaDY! All is well with the world.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    dude, that's awesome~ XD

    ohhh, I'm starting to regret not taking you up on your PS2 offer. I shouldn't read as much as I do about MSG3, but I do, and it sounds SUPURB ><; have you gotten it? if so, how is it? ^^

    btw, I finally got off my sick, lazy ass and burned those fumoffu epis for you. sorry for the long wait, I've been... uh... lazy ^^; I will mail them off tomorrow though, promise~ :3

    and I want to see pictures of the mad adventures you and J have in sunny Cali~! (or at least of the fabled satan cookies XD)


    4:05 PM  
    Blogger Sniperboy said...

    respect it; fear it; love it!! : ) SATAN!

    11:24 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    mmm! sinful~! XD XD XD


    8:36 AM  
    Blogger Sniperboy said...

    oh sorry.. one track mind last night : p yeah MGS3 is MIGHTY FINE! I had it for Tday5 (it is a Tday tradition) we played that and bastard.. suffice to say MGS3 just controlled our minds!!! *_*

    MGS1 was the reason I got a Playstation, and I am glad MGS3 rectified MGS2!!!

    Anyways I am not taking pics.. it's all J : )

    I bought an uglydool today! SO CUTE!

    can you guess who? : D

    5:36 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    heh, I think I'll have to go for "Cinko." I think the little comic strip that went along with him made him a winner in my eyes :D

    hohoho, glad to hear MGS3 is a winner. if I ever get the money (ie. if I can ever pay off my school debts TT), I will definitely pick up a PS2 and this game, it sounds too damn cool to not experience at least once in my life ^.^

    hmmm, and it looks like I'll have to bug J later on for pics of the trip. I'm just glad I got to see those satan cookies, my life is complete XD

    btw, let me know when my package gets to you. I included a couple extra non-fumoffu goodies on the last couple disks (partially because I had space and partially because it was only after I burned the third disk that I realized there were the two specials that I had forgotten to put in the package ^^;;;). it's mostly very random stuff, but there's one in particular that I thought a fellow fan of puroresu might enjoy :3


    7:31 PM  
    Blogger Sniperboy said...

    Thanks for the CARE pakage Yuu! I got the Fumoffu and the non fumoffu goodies.. ofcourse I cant tear myself away from the TM Revolution Music video.. LOL : )

    and yes.. J can attest to the fact that MGS3 is awesome.. at least I thought it was maniacal laughter of approval.

    "I'm still in a dream snake eaaateeeerrr..."
    If I seranade a princess from outside her balcony this would be my song ^__^

    2:06 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I couldn't study your pic so well while peering over your shoulder at your computer screen, but it's got several interesting features...the text at the top makes my mind percolate. Thanks for that. :)

    I should have taken the opportunity to eat more Satan Cookies while I was out there, but two pounds of sugar compressed into a five-inch disc makes me sehr durstig. Oy gevult! X_X Nonetheless, chocolate is for loving at. :)

    I can only imagine the kind of princess that would end up being entranced by such a song...;) She'd make the little leechy-smoochy noise when she attached herself to your wallet--er, kissed you for your trouble. XD

    And no crying, smiling, falling, flying, charming wedding heroine? ^.^

    I regret that the pics that I took of the actual quality time that S(usan) and I spent together were rather few and far between, mostly because I had this feeling that getting shutter-happy would have killed some of the atmosphere. :P Perhaps in the future I'll be able to get pics of things like the reloading table (still kicking myself for forgetting to shoot that X(). However, I did neglect to pass you the pic of Charles, the Lime of [Uber]; I might just have to throw a bunch of photos on a webpage and let you have at it. ^^

    By contrast, I took 275 photos inside the Asian Art Museum and at other locations in SF, beating the total for my last CA trip in the space of one day. :B I am Jack's one-track attention span. ^_^;;;;;;

    But yes, MGS3 succeeded in kicking much ass, even for a person like myself, who is normally turned off by war-themed games like this. I think the crazy, nonsensical shit that's scattered throughout, in addition to the absorbing gameplay, keeps it interesting. Then again, I have to admit to encouraging things like shooting dogs in the ass with tranq guns and stabbing unconscious guards in the boots and crotch until they die from massive blood loss, so maybe this was a nontraditional MGS3 session...^_^;; However, watching a sleeping guy get electrocuted was some of the best fun I've had while sober in a while. ^_____^d

    Of course, the tradeoff of encouraging you to get a PS2 and MGS3 is that you'd end up having much less time to do stuff like write TOTL and draw cool people who wear lots of belts, so I think my suggestion would be...get a cheap, used PS1 and finish playing FF7!! Bwahahahahaha! XB *waits to be assassinated by S*

    Ex Animo

    PS: I got a plush catbus with suction cups on its feet at the same place where Susan got his Ugly Doll. o_o

    8:13 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    S: wait til' you see the "Giant Swing" :3

    and what the hell (no pun intended ^^;) are in those satan cookies anyways???

    J: OMG, if I get a PS2, I can play MGS3 AND that copy of FFVII you got me! my life will collapse beneath crazy game fanaticism!!!

    /watches as the slew of take-home finals start tomorrow...



    10:22 PM  

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