sacrifice and dedication...

fixed my sights, finally
Went to the range yesterday after a long hiatus.
...try to shoot a .45 with your left hand single handed.
It's quite a sensation ^_^
- a wonderful lively emotion.
Fast and furious, dubious elation.
Everybody get up - clap your hands and move your body..

Doo bee doo bee doobeedoo.. oh oh yaay ya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet! 8D How was your aim, compared to the right hand?

Icebat 0wnz. You should teach him how to make bullets for you so he can build up your stock of ammo while you're at work. ;)

Ex Animo

6:02 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Right hand is better but not as fun (or scary) as left handed : ) its all fun. Have been neglecting pistol trainnig for weeks to months. You did very well here BTW I was very impressed. No complaining and also field stripped a 1911, a fine feat indeed. ("What a good sport" as T said...)

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm happy that someone with as much practice as you have can honestly evaluate my skill and say that I'm good at this...it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I'd never expected to associate with guns. p^_^q However, I'd have to put part of the credit for my ability on my very capable teacher. You had an interesting all-or-nothing approach to it that was extremely effective; even today, I can visualize the gun and remember what to do. Good job, sir. :)

I figure that you have to be willing to maintain the equipment if you're expecting to have it work right when you need it, so I had no problems at all with cleaning your gun. I kind of wish I could practice that somehow, because I remember parts of it, but not all of it. ^^; Wish I'd had the arm strength to help you clean Lulu, but I think I need to run around the block and lift more weights before I can manage that. :B

Ex Animo

9:41 PM  

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