Sasaki Kojiro!

A sword is such an evil, horrible thing.

Nothing much.. I just wanted to say that I JUST read VAGABOND #14.
For the first time ever I think, I read the ENTIRE tankoboun in one sitting (lunch.. and then some : p) I don't usually do that.

It is a great stand alone digest and I am looking VERY forward to picking up the next volume. It's one of those "OH DA TEARS" stories. Even when read stand-alone it's very good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a question about the little subtitle beneath the author there~ Despite the obvious similarities, I thought Inoue had vehemently said that Vagabond was NOT based off of Yoshikawa's Musashi novel (which is absolutely epic, btw~) so it's interesting for me to find them billing the manga as such here in the states. did I hear wrong or is viz pulling an adv (back when adv wrongly claimed "ninja resurrection" to be a sequel to "ninja scroll" in order to boost sales :/)


2:39 PM  
Blogger Sniperboy said...

Yuu.. I have NO clue : p
If you find out let me know.

2:40 PM  

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