you are invincible

...have you forgotten what it was like to dream the impossible?

and now after 15 years, you've woken up and realized that you're spending your days punishing your children - projecting your faults on them; regretting your spent life...

  • Tekken Game intros just get BETTER and BETTER. To think that a game I once thought cheap seems quite intriguing now. But I digress... With Tekken 5 out, I think that the PS2 intro (screenplay) of Tekken Tag Tournament rivals it (if not for the opening feather's scene in T5 it would be ehhh.). However the PS2 intro is always more interesting than the Arcade intro. I am looking forward to the T5 PS2 intro. : ) Only one more.. once they do Tekken 6, then I will have fulfilled my prediction back in 1999 (billboard in my second darkness part - offset little thing)

  • The COLOUR PURPLE - Chapter 12_3 - The [White] Devil. I do all my reading either at lunchtime or when I am travelling, I can't say I enjoy reading but it's a great way to pass the time and get some neat information when the fiction is well written with some non fictional facts. Two things annoy me tho - one is very short and abrupt writing, the second is too verbose writing that goes around in circles. I'm experimenting with both - maybe more of the latter with this new chapter. Oh well. The show must go on! Hopefully I can find a nice balance with my style as some of my old chapters were quite disjointed an short.

  • I have been spending FAR too much time with Metal gear Solid 3. Much like Gungrave (the anime) I found it lacking, tho fun once you get into it, it did not have the "Oh, DA TEARS!" appeal of MGS1. As I go on tho I find myself welcoming the new game system with our old buddy Snake (with his 1911 ^_^ and EK knife). none of that MGS2 'Gayden' character... tho they poke fun at themselves kinda like how we ridicule our past mistakes to cover up. I must admit tho, I think REVOLVER OCELOT has a lot more in this than just comedy relief. We have REAL Rival Complex here. - and yes maybe I can appreciate a good love story - it is possible with a PShonen Love story.. even if it is what transcends love between a man and a woman.. in the end.. isn't it what this is all about? HURAH MGS3! Rival Complex Score = 3.5/5 (not YET a 4 for now but Da Tears meter (3.9/5) were there).

  • Over the weekend I saw bits and pieces of DE LOVELY. (I prefered COLLATERAL, tho because it was Hollywood.. it had a hollywood ending (BOO!) Collateral begs for John Woo or Luc Besson to direct it outside of America.) For some reason directors believe that if they put homoerotic scenes in a movie or go against current politics it will be an art film. Ho Hum. I think it takes more than a story of a homosexual man who marries a woman to garner awards for me. Yaoi is well and good, but I guess if there's no neck biting, blood or angst then it's bleah! Rival Complex score = 0/5.

  • I woke up real tense today. Had a mean dream where I was just beating the shit out of everyone. It was a real riot of the blood that was TOO true to life. By about noontime today I realized I had to calm down cause my jaw was still so tense from the night before. I had lockjaw when I drank water at lunch cause I just wanted to bite into someone's neck. So this is what it feels like.. The riot...


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